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Choose a book

January 7, 2013

I have a new batch of prospective book bloggers, and this week I am asking them to choose a novel from the library, and to begin bragging blogging about it. How should they choose? Well, for starters, I would ask them to choose a book they haven’t read before. It must be originally written in English, so no works in translation. To make it easier for themselves, they should NOT choose a novel that is based on a film, such as Billy Elliot or The Omen. I advise them to choose something they find interesting, since this is their chance to choose. It also makes it more interesting if they don’t choose the same book as someone else.

When it comes to blog tools, I would recommend one of the following: (formerly Blogspot, now run by Google) (this one requires advertisements, so it is not ideal)

Microblogging services such as Tumblr are not suited to the task because you cannot post comments.

In my experience, students need few instructions for how to set up a blog. If they encounter problems, they ask each other.


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