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An excuse to play around

January 10, 2012

When I create a blog called EnglishFruit, you’d expect something about English literature and the English language, I suppose, and I’m sure I will address that too, eventually. I particularly look forward to delve into the mysteries of gerunds and comma rules. Yay!

For now, I’d like to share a bit of personal information: I am a board game geek. I even have a user account at  So is there a way to use board games in the classroom to learn English? Now wouldn’t that be something. I am all for ideas that let me do stuff at work that I would normally spend my precious spare time on.

I actually bought a Shakespeare game a couple of years ago for this purpose.

There is probably an awful lot you could learn about Shakespeare from this game – the only disadvantage is that it is a pretty lame game. It has two very good qualities: it lets you show off to girls who are into Bard stuff, plus the title is really clever. (The Bard Game? Board game? Get it?)

Maybe not very useful for 16-year-olds. Besides, girls who like the Bard only become interesting to 16-year-old boys when they enter university and get rid of their braces and glasses. Then they fall in love with diplomats, guys with PhDs and guys with Roman numerals after their name.

Conclusion: The Bard Game is an ill-suited game for teaching not in spite of its subject matter, but because of it. First rule of thumb for educational games is that they must be good games. Poor games are only played once.


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  1. You just destroyed my chances for hitting on Bard-loving girls. Damn.

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